Refi Analysis

Are you ready to refinance your home? Let our team of Re-fi experts help you find the perfect mortgage to fit your needs!


Items Needed

Here is a list of the general documents that you will need to process your mortgage loan!

The Mortgage Dictionary

Check out this section for key terms and definitions to help make the mortgage process a little bit easier.


10 Best Ways to Improve Credit Score

Here are 10 extremely easy ways to help improve your credit score for banks, credit card companies and others.


Do's and Don'ts

A friendly reminder of the Do's and Don'ts before you close on your loan.


Getting a mortgage loan after a short-sale or foreclosure

Whether you've had a foreclosure, deed in lieu, short-sale, bankruptcy or are in credit counseling, we have the answers!


The Borrower's Ten Commandments

Here is a somewhat humorous list of activities to avoid during the mortgage process..


Are you a first time home buyer eager to get into the market? Here are some very helpful steps that may help determine if you are ready to purchase your FIRST home!


USDA Loans

Realize the dream of owning a home with a USDA Loan. Enjoy the benefit of purchasing without many of the restrictions that other programs require!


Condo Loans

Whether buying or refinancing, we make it simple for you to get a condo loan. Here is what you need to know to make the process easier!



VA Loans

Did you know that VA Loans are guaranteed by the U.S. department of Veteran Affairs? Also known as a government loan, click and learn more to see if you qualify for a VA Loan!

Non - Warrantable Loans

New Condo Guidelines - 51% owner occupancy is waived for owner occupants!

FHA Home Loans

The FHA Home Loan Program is a guaranteed Government insured mortgage!


Owning Vs. Renting

Let us tell you the supreme advantages about Owning v.s Renting in the Central Texas Area.


10 Ways to Improve your Credit Score

Personal finance tips to aid your ability to get loans with good terms.