Application Documents Needs List

Here is a general list of the documents that we will need to process your mortgage loan. Feel free to send these documents to us via email, in person or fax them to: (512) 355-7712


Copy of your Social Security card


Bank Statements:            Most recent two (2) months of consecutive statements

  • Please include all pages
  • Statement should include your full name, bank’s name and full account number
  • Per regulations, any non-payroll related deposits over 25% of your gross monthly income must be explained. Please provide a brief written explanation for the source of these deposits (if applicable).

IRA & 401K:                Most recent quarterly or two (2) monthly statements (include ALL PAGES of statement)

Stock & Bonds:            Most recent quarterly or two (2) monthly statements (include ALL PAGES of statement) 


Pay Stubs:            Consecutive, covering one (1) complete month’s salary/earnings. 

W-2 and or 1099 Statements:                   Last 2 Years

Personal Federal Income Tax Returns:    Last 2 Years

Business Federal Income Tax Returns:     Last 2 Years

Social Security:   Benefits letter and/or original awards letter

Pension:               Benefits letter and/or original awards letter

Leases:                 Current copies on each property you have leased (all pages)


Mortgage Verification:    Most recent copy of your mortgage statement for all properties

Free & Clear Property:   Copy of the release of lien for all free & clear properties

Property Taxes:                    Copy of property tax statement for all properties

Hazard Insurance:             Copy of your current homeowner’s insurance policy for all properties

Sale of your current house: Settlement Statement, also known as a HUD-1

Divorce:                          Divorce decree and child support agreement, fully executed

VA Loans:                       DD214 or statement of service

Gift Down Payment:       Copy of the signed gift letter, a copy of the check from the donor and a copy of the canceled check from the donor’s account

Retirement Withdraw:   Terms of withdraw and plan summary. Evidence of withdrawal and deposit (e.g. canceled checks, wire transactions, etc.)   

Employment Gaps:        Need letter of explanation including name, position and dates worked at each company for the last 2 years.

Credit Issues:                      Letter explaining why payments were late, reasons for bankruptcy/foreclosures/repossessions and why it won’t occur again.

School Transcripts:        Copy of the school transcripts (If you attended school in the last 2 years)

Once you have a home under contract

$525 Appraisal Fee:       We will send you a weblink to pay online using a credit card. Or you can contact Greg Harper (Transaction Coordinator) at 512.524.8376 with CC Information. If you prefer a check, please make check payable to: Supreme Lending.

Insurance Agent:          Please send contact information for your preferred Homeowner’s Insurance Agent

Sales Contract:                  Contract on purchase executed by all parties.

Earnest Money:             Copy of the canceled earnest money check (once it clears your bank account)

Condo:                                   $100-300 Condo Questionnaire Fee. If the property is a condo, we have to obtain a questionnaire from the Condo HOA Management Company that gives us details about the condo to ensure if meets lending guidelines. We will let you know the amount of the fee and who it should be paid to.


Settlement Statement and Note:  A Copy of original HUD-1 SETTLEMENT STATEMENT & NOTE. These items would be in your original closing package that you signed when you purchased or refinance the property.

Survey:                                 Existing survey of the property