The FHA Home Loan Program is a guaranteed government insured mortgage. Now you can obtain your dream of homeownership by using the FHA Home Loan Program. Supreme Lending will make the difference! Contact John today!

Program Highlights

  • 3.5% Down Payment
  • Max Debt to Income (DTI) ratio 43% for FICO 600-619
  • Max Debt to Income (DTI) ratio 50% for FICO 620-639
  • Max DTI 55% for FICO 640
  • Gifted Down Payment Funds Can Be Used
  • Derogratory Payment History on Non-Mortgage Tradelines are Acceptable with a Letter of Explanation
  • Verification of Rent for the past 12 Months is required
  • In-house Processing, Underwriting and Funding

If you have any questions about FHA loans or want to see if it's the right loan for you, please contact John Schutze here or by phone at (512) 524-8310.