Episode 51 Segment 4 - Commercial Real Estate in Austin, Tx

In the 4th and final segment of episode 51, John, Andrew and Brandy Harrison discuss what the trends are in commercial real estate. How's the commercial real estate market in central Texas? Is it a similar boom similar to the residential market? How long are commercial properties usually on the market? What is John's experience with his commercial lease? What are the biggest hurdles in selling commercial real estate and how does it compare to residential real estate? Where in Austin are commercial properties selling the most? 

Brandy Harrison of Austin Referral Realty

Brandy Harrison of Austin Referral Realty

The crew also touches on refinancing and talk about a few scenarios that demonstrate when it's a good time and bad time to refinance. 

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Episode 51 Segment 3 - Best Loan Program to Make Your Purchase Offer Stand Out

In Segment 3 of Episode 51, Andrew Thurston, John Schutze and special guest Brandy Harrison of Austin Referral Realty talk about the recent influx of first-time home buyers and the best way to make an offer stand out. In technical terms, what qualifies you to be a first-time home buyer (other than the obvious)? Which loan products work best for first-time home buyers? How do you know which products you qualify for? What are the differences between the different products? 

Listen as these real estate professionals discuss this sometimes daunting topic of loan products. They break down the most popular products in an easy-to-understand way to help you learn and understand what's out there and what to expect as you look for your mortgage. As always, make sure to listen to the show every Sunday on Talk1370 AM and if you can't catch the show, you can always listen at www.austinmortgagereport.com.

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Episode 51 Segment 2 - The State of Real Estate in Steiner Ranch

Brandy Harrison of Austin Referral Realty

Brandy Harrison of Austin Referral Realty

In segment 2 of Episode 51 of Austin Mortgage Report, Brandy Harrison of Austin Referral Realty takes the helms and leads a discussion about Steiner Ranch's real estate market. Are homes currently being built in the area? What's the lowest priced home you can find in Steiner Ranch? How's the traffic in Steiner Ranch? Why choose Steiner Ranch over other comparable areas? How are the schools? Listen as this and more are discussed in Segment 2 of Episode 51 of Austin Mortgage Report and don't forget to listen to the show every Sunday from 3pm - 4pm on Talk1370! 

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Episode 51 Segment 1 - 2016 Interest Rates and Mortgage Options During a Divorce

In episode 51 of the Austin Mortgage Report, John Schutze, Andrew Thurston and special guest Brandy Harrison of Austin Referral Realty discuss several topics involving the Central Texas real estate market and more specifically in Segment 1, they'll cover the current behavior of interest rates, the oil industry and your mortgage options during a divorce. What are the current interest rates? Why are they the way they are? What do oil prices look like right now? What does that mean for the job market in the oil industry? Do oil prices affect the housing market?

Brandy Harrison of Austin Referral Realty

Brandy Harrison of Austin Referral Realty

What about divorces? Is the rate of divorce still at about 50%? Do you have a better chance of divorcing if you were to get married a second or third time? How many divorces involve a real estate transaction? What are your mortgage options during a divorce? Can you use child support as income for obtaining a mortgage? 

Want to get in contact with Brandy? You can call her at (512) 605-7279 or you can email her at brandy@austinreferralrealty.com .

Episode 50 Segment 4 - Intercity Trends

What are the biggest trends in Austin? Are people moving within the city limits or moving outside of Austin? Where do homeowners with children tend to move? Is the idea of buying a plot of land and building on it a popular trend in central Texas?

Listen as John, Andrew and Kimberly discuss some of Austin and central Texas' trends. Special thanks to Kimberly Murphree for lending her voice and expertise on episode 50 of the Austin Mortgage report. You can find out more and contact Kimberly by visiting www.brokerinaustin.com or you can give her a call at (512) 751-7907.

Episode 50 Segment 3 - The Challenges of Relocating to a New City

The logistics of moving to a new city as far as loans, contracts, and timing can be overwhelming. Where are most of central Texas' residents moving from? What's the biggest reason for moving to Austin? If you're relocating, what will mortgage lenders look for before they can approve you for a mortgage? What are the risks to relocating? In this segment, John, Andrew and Kimberly Murphree of Sky Realty will give you some insight on what to expect when you plan to buy in another state. 

Episode 50 Segment 2 - Logistics of Contingent Contracts - buying before you have a contract on your current home

In segment 2 of episode 50, John, Andrew and Kimberly discuss active contingent contracts. What does it mean to have an active contingent contract? What are the risks associated with them? Kimberly Murphree happens to be an expert when it comes to contingent contracts and shares a some insight in this segment. Have a listen as these mortgage professionals shed some light on these confusing contracts that are becoming more and more popular in central Texas. 

Questions about Contingent Contracts? 

Kimberly Murphree   



Episode 50 Segment 1 - Rates and the Central Texas Market

In episode number 50 of Austin Mortgage Report, John Schutze and Andrew Thurston are joined by Kimberly Murphree of Sky Realty to discuss a number of topics including Segment 1's topic which relates to the central Texas market and its rates. What are the current rates in central Texas? Has there been a shift? If there was, what caused it? How long will it stay in its current state? 

Other topics include the election year and what it does to the market, the central Texas inventory, the disadvantages of using a big bank as a lender. 

Catch these and more topics on this milestone episode of Austin Mortgage Report and remember to listen to the show every Sunday at 3pm on 1370 AM.

Find out more about Kimberly Murphree at www.brokerinaustin.com  or give her a call at 512-751-7907.

Episode 49 Segment 4 - New Years Resolution - Buy a Home in 2016 - Find a Good Lender

In the final segment of episode 49, John and Andrew discuss several topics including how lenders develop reputations, how different lenders handle applications, and how Supreme Lending differs from other lenders. Finding a lender is a crucial next step after finding a realtor and John and Andrew will tell you exactly what you need to know about lenders and what to look for. 

If your New Years resolution is truly buying a home, make sure to check in with John  and Andrew so they can answer any questions you may have and help you find your dream home! Remember to listen to Austin Mortgage Report on Sundays from 3pm to 4pm on Talk1370.


Episode 49 Segment 3 - Finding a Great Real Estate Agent in 2016

If your New Year's resolution is to buy a new home, this segment will help you get to that important next step, finding a great real estate agent. Why is this an important first step as opposed to going to a mortgage company first? How do you find one? Will any agent work or should narrow your search? What are the advantages and disadvantages to hiring a newer agent as opposed to an experienced and established agent? Other topics include what Austin's mayor, Steve Adler, had to say on the state of Austin real estate, what Tesla is planning to bring to Austin, Tx and how permitting will change this year. 

Episode 49 Segment 2 - The Biggest Hurdle to Homeownership

Starting things off with segment 2 of episode 49 of the Austin Mortgage Report, John Schutze and Andrew Thurston discuss what they've observed to be the biggest hurdle to buying a home. Out of the three aspects needed to obtain a mortgage, only one of them causes problems for most potential buyers.  What makes this one aspect a bigger hurdle than the other two? Are there any ways around this hurdle? 

Make sure to listen to Austin Mortgage Report every Sunday from 3pm to 4pm on Talk1370! 


Episode 48 Segment 4 - A Few Scenarios

In the final segment of the 2016's first episode of Austin Mortgage Report, John, Joel and Andrew throw out a few scenarios to demonstrate what would happen to payments and weather it's a good idea to buy or not in Austin's current market. Aside from the payments, it's possible that one's well-being may need a change of scenery and buying would be the best way to go. 

It's a unique time to purchase a home and any one of these hosts or guest can help and answer any questions you may have. It's only the beginning of 2016 and everything is looking to be growing and getting better! Make sure to catch Austin Mortgage Report every Sunday from 3pm to 4pm on Talk1370. 

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Episode 48 Segment 3 - Mortgage Rates and the Election Year

John, Joel and Andrew discuss interest rates and mortgage insurance in the third segment of episode 48 of Austin Mortgage Report. How high (or low) were rates predicated to be at this point? Were the predictions correct? Is there anything you can do if you find yourself with a high interest rate? 

They also discuss what happens to interest rates during an election year. They specifically observe the stock market and the relationship between the stock market and mortgage rates. With that relationship in mind, they point out the typical behavior of the stock market and how that affects mortgage rates. How does the federal reserve play into current mortgage rates? When is the best time to buy during an election year? 

Episode 48 Segment 2 - Downtown Austin

In segment 2, John, Joel and Andrew dig deeper into how Austin's housing market by taking a close and isolated look at downtown Austin. Topics include how much the area has grown over the years, new developments such as The Independent and the Waller Creek Conservancy, and some of the negative effects of downtown's recent popularity. How does this popularity affect the rest of Austin? 

Episode 48 Segment 1 - Reflections on 2015 and What to Expect in 2016

In the first episode of 2016, John Schutze along with Andrew Thurston and Joel Douglas of Douglas Residential discuss how the housing market faired in 2015 and if the predictions for 2015 came true. They ponder the question, "Is Austin in a bubble?" Meaning, is Austin unique compared to other cities in regards to how well the market is doing? 

With the elections coming up, what does that mean for mortgage rates? Will the market stabilize in 2016 or will Austin's exponential growth in areas such as population, development, employment and income continue to positively affect the housing market? What can we expect in the new year? Listen as three of Austin's finest discuss the new year and reflect on 2015 in the first segment of episode 48 of the Austin Mortgage Report.

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