Episode 38 - 2015 Trends in Austin Real Estate with Stephanie Biggs and Jeff Drutz- 8/23/2015

A big episode of the Austin Mortgage Report this week with two power-house Realtors! Jeff Drutz and Stephanie Biggs of Horizon Realty join the conversation to talk about the most current trends in Austin real estate. They discuss "Jewel Boxes", comfortable living space, "Open Concepts" and more. Find out what Austinites are looking for in homes!

Stephanie Biggs and Jeff Drutz - Horizon Realty

Stephanie Biggs and Jeff Drutz - Horizon Realty

                   Jeff Drutz - Horizon Realty                               512-804-8055

                   Jeff Drutz - Horizon Realty


               Stephanie Biggs - Horizon Realty                               512-876-4863

               Stephanie Biggs - Horizon Realty


Episode 38 - Choosing a Great Realtor to Represent YOU! - 8/23/2015

Jeff Drutz and Stephanie Biggs of Horizon Realty  join Austin Mortgage Professional John Schutze to discuss the importance of choosing a great realtor and how helpful it can be for your home-buying experience! They speak on setting expectations, communications, and realistic goals in order to make purchasing a home more simplistic. Listen and gain some insight on the industry and as always Tune in live on Talk1370 every Sunday from 3-4pm!

Episode 36 - What Millennial Homebuyers Want - 8/9/15

It's the Return of the First Time Homebuyer! John Schutze is joined by Jeff Ronk of REMAX 1 and fellow loan officer Andrew Thurston to explain what Millennial Homebuyers look for in the real estate market! The guys talk about the average loan amount across the country and why this may pose a problem in Austin, Texas. John, Jeff and Andrew talk about areas around Central Texas that look and feel like downtown Austin. Interested? We thought so! Tune in right now and listen to this awesome segment!

Andrew Thurston

Andrew Thurston

John Schutze

John Schutze

Jeff Ronk - REMAX 1

Jeff Ronk - REMAX 1

Episode 35 - Austin Real Estate Update with Joel Douglas 7/22/2015

Joel Douglas of Douglas Residential joins John Schutze to discuss the Real Estate Market and the changes in the air!

We discuss the rules of multiple offers and how to get a fair shot!

John and Joel speak on people who buy before they sell and why they are doing this. 

Listen to these topics and a whole lot more here! Be sure to tune in and check out the show live - Every Sunday from 3-4pm on Talk1370!

Episode 34 - Moving to Texas? What you need to know about Real Estate in Texas with Manuel Arce - 6/21/2015

Segment 2 Of the Austin Mortgage Report was all about people moving to Texas (and boy are there alot of them!) John Schutze, Manuel Arce, and Andrew Thurston talk about what YOU need to know about Real Estate in Texas! They talk about how big Austin is getting and how it is bringing up the median price on a home in Austin.

We talk about the 3 states who have the most people leaving and moving to Texas...want to know who they are?

Tune in and check out the whole conversation here and tune in every Sunday from 3-4 on Talk1370!

Episode 33 - Kiddie Condos with Elisabeth Jeep - 6/7/2015

                 Elizabeth Jeep - 512.657.3107

                 Elizabeth Jeep - 512.657.3107

Often called a "Kiddie Condo" loan, these type of loans are actually available for single family homes, not just condos! They offer down payments as low as just 3.5% with very competitive rates. 

In this segment Elisabeth Jeep with Private Label Realty, Kristi Rice and John Schutze   dig deep into how to help your kids or grand-kids purchase a home. Those of us who've been around a while know that now is an unprecedented time to buy a home. Interest rates are low, central Texas appreciation rates are near historic highs and the job's market doesn't seem poised to stall anytime soon. 

Tune in to learn more or give us a call to discuss your specific scenario: 512.524.8310.

Episode 33 - Texas Down Payment Assistance Programs - 6/7/2015

             Elizabeth Jeep - Private Label Realty                              512.657.3107

             Elizabeth Jeep - Private Label Realty


Down Payment Assistance is a huge help for Texas Home Buyers. These days it can take a long time to save up for a down payment! So Elisabeth Jeep, Kristi Rice and John Schutze share some of the ways you can buy a home using "OPM" (Other People's Money) for the down payment. PLUS with many of these programs you do NOT have to be a first time home-buyer to qualify!

Some of the more common programs are:

  • TSAHC - Texas State Affordable Housing Corporation
  • TDHCA - Texas Dept of Housing and Community Affairs
  • SETH - Southeast Texas Housing
  • Home's For Heroes
  • Texas Hill Country

For info about these and other down payment assistance programs contact us now!

Episode 33 - First Time Homebuyer Strategies - 6/7/2015

Elisabeth Jeep of Private Label Realty joins the show to discuss the First Time Home Buyer and why she loves them so much! John Schutze, Kristi Rice and Elisabeth talk about the old days and how much it has changed for the First Time Home-buyer. Make sure to tune-in at our new time Sundays at 3pm on Talk 1370!