Episode 45 - Whats going on in Downtown Round Rock with Steve Smith of Horizon Realty

Steve Smith and John Schutze discuss all the new changes in the Round Rock area. How is Round Rock trying to create its own night life culture? How are property values affected? Listen to the segment now so you are up-to-date on the latest trends in the area!

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Steve Smith: Mobile - 512-535-8865 or Steve@HorizonRealtyAustin.com

Episode 45 - Why Synthetic Grass might be the Best Solution for Central Texas homeowners!

In this segment, Mike Harkrider and Robert Evans talk about Forever Lawns. Synthetic Grass with so many benefits you wonder why you havent gotten rid of that lawn mower years ago! With a big range of qualities and styles it would make sense to check out the Forever Lawn website to see what you want! 

Forever Lawn Austin

Episode 44 - R.E.S.A Real Estate Staging Association

RESA. What is it and what does it do? RESA is the Real Estate Staging Association is an international association providing resources for other stagers. What is staging? Well, that is where you need to click the link and listen to our guests Amy George and Asha Clark tell you all about home staging and how it will help home sellers out in the long run! 

Episode 44 - Home Staging with Asha Clark and Amy George

Amy George and Asha Clark join the show with a super unique take on home staging. What is home staging? Asha and Amy describe it as "marketing and merchandising your home for sale". Making your rooms look clean and pristine before you show your home to potential buyers! They give a great insight on their job and how helpful it can be for you! Please listen to this segment and learn about two great business women who can really help get your home sold!

Want to contact Amy & Asha:

Amy George: 512-585-8480 - amy@impactinteriors.house

Asha Clark: 512-689-2397 - asha@HavenSpaceDesigns

Episode 44 - TRID Update with John Schutze and Andrew Thurston

You can tell by the intro music that this week is gonna be a big show! John Schutze and Andrew Thurston navigate you through all the change in the mortgage industry with all these new TRID changes! Join us by clicking here to see all these important new changes! If you have any questions please give us a call at 512-524-8310!

Episode 43 - Marketing a Home with Miriam Moorman - 10/18/15

John Schutze and Andrew Thurston are back with a jam packed show for you this week! With special guest from eXp Realty Miriam Moorman this segment is all about Marketing a Home! This panel of experts discusses why you want an expert to help you and why you may be selling yourself short! Want to learn more? Go on, just click play! 

  Want more info? Miriam Morman 512.923.0633 mmoorman@mkt360grp.com www.sell360homes.com


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Miriam Morman




Episode 43 - Why use a Buyers Agent with Miriam Moorman - 10/18/2015

Why do you need a buyer's Agent if you can just shop on the internet? Miriam Moorman is going to tell you all the things that go on after you place an offer on a house. An Advocate who works for YOU is vital to make your home-buying process easy! Listen now and learn how a buyer's agent may be able to SAVE you money in the long-run!

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Miriam Morman





Episode 40 - Mortgages for Millennials - 9/12/15

Photo credit: http://www.b2bmarketinginsider.com

Photo credit: http://www.b2bmarketinginsider.com

John Schutze and Andrew Thurston are back with our 40th Episode! A jam packed hour filled with information from two tried-and-true mortgage experts! In this segment John and Andrew discuss the power of millennials in the Austin market and how it is smart for the younger generation to purchase a home! If you are a millennial you want to listen to this segment! Make a smart financial decision - let John and Andrew show you how!

Episode 41 - Why Consumers Should Put Thought into Home Warranties with Stacye Blake - 9/20/2015

Do consumers put much thought into Home Warranties? Well, if you don't, we've got Stacye Blake of Landmark Home Warranty to let you know why you should! John Schutze and Stacye discuss how Home Warranties can make your life easier and how it can provide peace of mind. Are you ready to update your Home Warranty?

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Phone: 512-779-5846

Email: Stacye@landmarkhw.com

Episode 41 - Premium Services Landmark Home Warranty offers Home Owners with Stacye Blake - 9/20/2015

John Schutze and Stayce Blake of Landmark Home Warranty further discuss how a Home Warranty can benefit and Home owner as well as some interesting services Landmark offers that you may not expect. From Re-Keying, AC Service, and EVEN Pest Control, Landmark will make sure your home is protected so you can enjoy owning your property. Are you ready to find out more?

Contact Stacye Blake NOW!

Phone: 512-779-5846

Email: Stayce@landmarkhw.com

Episode 40 - TRUE Cost of Owning vs Renting

What is the TRUE cost of owning vs. renting in this Austin market? What is the difference and what are the advantages to buying a home?John Schutze and Andrew Thurston  delve deep into why the market for renting is always increasing and why a fixed rate for a mortgage is the way to go! Check it out and learn vital information to help you make a great decision!

Episode 42 - Choosing a GREAT realty Team with Jill Cipriano - 10/4/2015

We had a great guest on The Austin Mortgage Report this week! The knowledgeable Jill Cipriano of Austin Referral Realty joined us and gave us some great information! In this segment Jill and Andrew Thurston discuss how to help First Time Home Buyers. It takes a TEAM to help make your home-buying experience as good as possible! 

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