Episode 27 - Moxie Realty Group: MCC & Down Payment Assistance Programs - 4/15/2015


Justine Smith and Mishell Kneeland join us for an incredible conversation on Down Payment Assistance Programs and the MCC (Mortgage Credit Certificate) Program, which is a tax credit for First Time Home Buyers up to $2,000 a year for the life of the loan! All this, and a ton more pertinent information from these experts! Listen now and feel free to contact Mishell and Justine!

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Episode 27 - Moxie Realty Group - Duplexes as an affordable way to live in Austin - 4/15/2015

Justine Smith and Mishell Kneeland discuss Austin Duplexes as an affordable way to live in the city limits. Let the renter the 2nd side pay part of your mortgage. Plus lenders can use the rent from the 2nd unit toward qualification which increases your buying power or reduces the net cost to own. This is an out-of-the-box conversation and that is why you should tune-in! Follow and contact Mishell and Justine by clicking below!

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Episode 26 - "Tiny" Houses in Austin/Qualifying & Low Interest Rates - 4/1/2015

Another great week of the Austin Mortgage Report is in the books! We had one of the best conversations thus far with Ray Weaver of Horizon Realty. Ray and John discussed:

  • Credit Scores and ways to improve them to qualify and lower the interest rate,
  • What can sellers do when the appraised value is low.
  • "Tiny" houses in Austin

Check out the this episode and more by tuning every Wednesday at 7pm on Talk1370 with John Schutze!

Episode 25 - East Austin Real Estate - with Nicole Cooper - 3/25/2015

Nicole Cooper of Horizon Realty joined John Schutze and the Austin Mortgage Report last night to focus on East Austin and it's rapid growth.

The discussion included:

  • Typical east side buyers
  • Typical housing inventory in 78702, 21, 22 and 23. 
  • New construction vs. rehab
  • Not all rehab'd properties are equal. Look for quality
  • Special considerations weh purchasing older homes.
  • The Mueller development and it's impact on values
  • Long term growth and appreciation on the east-side

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Contact Nicole: AustinAreaSpecialist.com or call 512-698-2393

Episode 24 - Home Owners Insurance for Seniors in Texas - 3-18-2015


In this segment we talk with central Texas insurance expert Phillip Moreno on getting Home-owners insurance for seniors. John speaks on how he can help seniors with mortgages in retirement years when income isn't always consistent. Plenty of wonderful information regarding this topic! Listen now and call us if you have any questions at 512-390-ATX1!


Episode 24 - The Lifestyle and Real Estate in Sun City with Cindy Kelly - 3-18-2015

Fitness Centers, walking trails, parks, tennis courts, and even pickle-ball? John Schutze welcomes his esteemed colleague Cindy Kelly of ERA-Colonial to discuss all the wonderful amenities of Sun City up in Georgetown; and why it is the premier spot in Texas for active adult living! They also touch on the price points in the community and the pros/cons of "buying the lifestyle". Check it out!

In segment two, John and Cindy Discuss the in-depth history of Sun City. John addresses the steps to purchasing a home and how to engage in the community. Listen now!


Episode 23 - Interview With Linda Holmbeck - 3-11-15


Austin's own John Schutze had a great conversation with 15 year Real Estate veteran Linda Holmbeck of Horizon Realty. They discuss a plethora of different topics including how buyers have changed, vision in house selection and renovations. Linda also enlightens us on a great new mantra where say states that "You can change the house, but you can't change the lot". Check out this great conversation and be sure to tune-in every Wednesday at 7pm on Talk1370!

Episode 23 - The First Time Home Buyer Dilemma - 3-11-15


Household income is increasing in Texas, but first time home buyer purchases dropped by almost 10% since 2013. Why is this happening? John Schutze and his guest Linda Holmbeck of Horizon Realty discuss this significant problem and why millennial s aren't buying. 

Linda also tells a great story about the "BENEFITS OF BEING A HOMEBUYER!"


Episode 23 - Prepping for the Closing Process - 3-11-15

Linda Holmbeck of Horizon Realty shows us how she prepares her buyers for the closing process. We talk about what to look out for, what lenders look for and important tips to make sure everything goes flawlessly. Listen to the segment here and feel free to join us on the Austin Mortgage Report, Wednesday evenings at 7pm on Talk1370!